January 29th, 2013

crossed heart

MUSE & Comic-con!

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OMG the Muse show last night was SO AMAZING.

My husband’s never gotten to see one of their arena shows before, and afterwards he was all, “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.” I was so so so happy to get to show it to him! I knew after their last arena concert they’d knock it out of the park, but this was beyond. It’s the kind of over the top thing you can’t explain to people who weren’t there — so I’ll stop trying. All I can say is they’ve always done rocking shows (even when I used to see them do shows with 2,000 ppl at shitty venues, standing room only) — but their arena show is something beyond


Here’s a picture of the mother ship landing. (Seriously, the entire concert was like having an alien ship overhead either landing or about to take off, or wiping my brain out with endlessly awesome music.)


And here’s a shot from Madness. So so so so so epic. My pictures do not do it justice. It was an Event.
In other news!

I got a professional registration pass for Comic-con yesterday! And my husband’s coming too. He’s already planning out his comic book buying budget — and giving me comic book reading assignments, ha. Yeah, I know and he knows that that is not entirely the point of me/us going, but still, I should be at least a little conversant, and all I’ve really read is Sandman — so he set me up with the entire Invisibles run. He’s also mentioned that if he accidentally kisses Grant Morrison or Warren Ellis I should in no way hold him accountable for his actions.

I just got home from my in-laws, where we crashed post-Muse show last night, so now I have to resleep again during the day some — and then head over to Inklings, a local bookstore where Nightshifted was their book read of the month, and say hi to them :D. (I’m a little nervous about it! Mostly I hang out with other dorky writer-types, ha. It’ll be fine though, I’m sure.) And then I gotta go to work again tonight, to start everything allll over again.

More soon, especially word count on Sekrit Project when I get some free time in a few days :D