January 22nd, 2013

crossed heart

so I had this dream…

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Two days ago, that Ryan Gosling was doing films from stories from a literary magazine he was editing.

In my dream, this was the bestest thing ever. I was watching the trailer for his first film — Scarlett Johansson was also in it — and I was planning how I would fix three stories of mine and make them so perfect that he’d have to buy and film them.

When I woke up, I had no idea what my stories in the dream were about, but I remembered the trailer completely and wrote the whole thing down. And then tried to sleep some more, but instead spent about three fitful hours emailing myself notes. I wound up writing 5200 words on it today.

I’m sort of between projects right now — I don’t want to work on Bloodshifted yet, ’cause I just turned Deadshifted in, my novellas are pending approval, and other things, well, they don’t involve Ryan Gosling, what can I say? No, really, I just wanted to write something flat out, something shiny and new and stretch my wings and fingers. It was fun. I was hoping I could do ten k, just because that would be awesome, and I’d feel a lot less guilty about hopping around if I were a tenth of the way into something by the end of it. But my wrist is punking out, plus I’m tired, I got up too early today. There’s a chance though I could do 5k before noon tomorrow though, which would technically be 10k all in one 24 hr period ;).

I go back to work tomorrow night. We’ll see how much free time I get tomorrow. (And hey, I’m still reading research books which technically counts as appropriate time-using. ;))