January 3rd, 2013

crossed heart

2013 resolutions & some bests of 2012 :D

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Hey, holy cow, Nightshifted and Moonshifted made some 2012 best of lists! I’m sort of like, “Are you kidding me?” because I know how many books came out last year, ha. I’m pretty thrilled, so here goes :D

Angie-ville says I’m the best new discovery of 2012

Lisa over at Tea & Books puts me in her top 12

& and Melliane over at Between Dreams and Reality is doing a giveaway from her best 2012 list, which I happen to be on.

I’ll be honest, that all feels pretty effing fantastic :D.

In regards to resolutions…who am I kidding? I don’t make resolutions, I make plans ;). (Because I ignore resolutions, *snort*.)

a) Get Deadshifted in on time — I’m at 65k final draft now, so this is gonna happen.

b) Write another book (Bloodshifted? tentative title) in the next six months.

c) Get the world to let me write more books. Or really, pay me for more books, since I’ll be writing them anyways.

My brain’s kind of on fire right now. I like to think a project or two ahead, and I have more books for the Edie Spence series, and I’m hammering out some ideas for another side thing…it all feels really good right now, and I’m looking forward to this new year :D