December 21st, 2012

crossed heart

and a few more Moonshifted things —

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Because I keep getting distracted from doing another round-up –

Maja over at the Nocturnal Library reviews Moonshifted

Moonshifted is reviewed by RT Magazine! :D

And Nightshifted gets called out (in a good way!) on Heroes and Heartbreakers in an article about Experienced Heroines: Stopping Slut-Shaming One Book at a Time

I’m 38k into Deadshifted’s final ready-for-the-editor draft, which feels realllllly good. I’m so pleased by what I have so far, and all the repercussiony decisions I’m making feel like solid ones. Editing definitely uses up a finite part of my brain though — I can only concentrate for so long before the well runs dry and I have to take a break. I’m really enjoying it though — I can’t wait to reread the ending, honestly, especially since when I was writing it all I only got to experience it once ;).