December 18th, 2012

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a little holiday cheer — Worldbuilders

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How I holiday shop: 10% finding the perfect gifts for other people, 90% accidentally finding the perfect gifts for me and trying to talk myself out of buying them, what the hell was I doing looking at shoes anyways? I was supposed to be in the Game Stop!


How lovely is it to find things for other people and yourself all in one happy place? How often does that happen? Let me show you a place where magic is possible (and it’s not etsy!)


Pat Rothfuss runs this incredible charity to benefit Heifer International, an organization that provides the tools and knowledge and actual animals and water that people in developing countries need to thrive.

There’s a ton of cool stuff there for auction right now. You can bid on books signed by authors from all over the world, you can bid on getting your name *into* books being written *right now!* by cool people like Gail Carriger & Mary Robinette Kowal — you can even play a dream game of D&D with some of the best selling fantasy authors of all time.

Even if you’re buying gifts for yourself, it’s still like double shopping, since you’re helping yourself and someone else out at the same time! And who knows better what you want for Christmas than you? ;)