December 11th, 2012

crossed heart

Bitten By Books Event Tomorrow

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So another thing people suggested I do when I was scouring for guest post topics the other day was talk about gross stuff!

Here is your chance to ask me anything your heart desires, about the books, being an author, being a nurse. The only thing I won’t do is look at that rash ;).

Bitten By Books is hosting me tomorrow, and two lucky people will $50 Amazon gift cards just for showing up and asking me questions! If you RSVP today you’ll get more entries into the contest, too. So click on through and start coming up with things to ask! :D

And if you need a primer for topics — here’s my stories about Holidays at the Hospital over on Stellar Four which talks about my worst Christmas at work ever. There’s urine involved. (Not my own!)

And humorously, RT magazine noted some similarities between Moonshifted’s cover model and Mary-Louise Parker in their Caught on the Cover. (For the record, I think Mary-Louise Parker would make a rockstar Edie and I love Showtime. Just sayin’.)