December 9th, 2012

crossed heart

Shapeshifted is out in Germany tomorrow!

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Where it’s called Nightshifted: Diagnosis at Dusk — which I freaking love ;).

I can’t believe this snuck up on me! It seemed like it was so far away for so long, and then, boom! I also can’t believe that’ll be three books out in one year over there!

One of my BFF’s has German coworkers, and they’re in town right now, and they came to my release party for Moonshifted at the end of last month. They’d written a review on of Nightshifted back in the day, and they were amazed that I’d translated it to read it. (Not that I remembered it! But I know I translated/read it, because I read them all!) I think they under estimated the obsessive crazy-level of a new author, especially with her first book ;).

I’m slightly less crazy now (she says, without asking anyone else’s opinion :P) — but I’m still super curious about how Shapeshifted will translate over there. I hope I’ll get to find out tomorrow! :D