December 5th, 2012

crossed heart

Deadshifted is done!

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I know you guys have just been reading Moonshifted, and Shapeshifted’s not even out yet, but being an author means pulling a reverse Merlin, and always living two books ahead of time in your current series.

And now, Deadshifted’s first draft is all the way done. This draft is also it’s seventh rev, so there’s been some work going on there — but the story is all on the page at long last, and it mostly went where I wanted it, so I think edits will be pretty easy. It just needs a lot of polishy love, something I will be glad to give it, and I’ve got till the end of the year to get it done right. :D

Sorry for anyone that I still owe emails or responses to — I’ve been keeping my head down the past few days trying super hard to get this wrapped up. And now I have to take a nap so I can be well rested for work tonight, heh.

I can’t believe I’m done. I can’t wait to show you all it!