December 2nd, 2012

crossed heart

help me choose guest blog topics — for the love of all that is holy.

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okay y’all. Help?

I have been seriously remiss in Moonshifted promotional activities. Why? Because I am writing so much Deadshifted so OMG-DEADLINE-COMING-UP right now that every time I stop and think about writing something else I want to cry.

I have 5ish guest blogs coming up. (This includes ones that are overdue, because my brain is numb and full of book 4.)

I have no idea what to write for them. You’d think this would be easy, because yay book, and yay nursing, and yay recent Red Cross, but NO. My brain panics every time I derail it from the book. (Do I feel like a fraud writing about my cheesy ‘real life’ when I’m supposed to be writing fiction? Quite possibly.)

Plus, all the topics I think of are all, “Hey, remember that time work was so gross I almost puked? Yeah, those were some good times.” I don’t think anyone else wants to read those.

But I still have to write them. It’s a matter of honor now, and me not seeming like a jerk.

So please, please please, help.

What do you want to read about? I’ll write about anything. I’m effing shameless, honestly. I will totally tell you about that time I almost puked if you want. I just need some direction here. What do readers want to read about? Help me — pretty pretty please.