November 29th, 2012

crossed heart

More Moonshifted Madness!

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And alliteration! ;)

I did a catch up post with Kristin over at My Bookish Ways — and I’m a Dame for a Day over at the Deadline Dames with a giveaway!

In other news, I’m making good progress on Deadshifted, and getting some oddly zen downtime. We’re at my in-law’s very nice house for a long weekend while they’re out of town. It’s like a staycation, where I know where everything is, that includes multiple rooms, endlessly hot showers, and a fireplace. My folks are coming into town so I’ll get to see them for a night, which alleviates some of my “no time off over the holidays” guilt. And I dropped my phone at the gym the other day and broke it, which sucks because boo phone-insurance-deductable…but it’s actually really well timed, because now I can’t look at it 24/7 and fret over things I don’t have any control of. (See: Amazon and/or Goodreads.) They’re mailing my replacement phone to our studio so I’ll be back in touch with the world on Sunday, but until then, it’s sort of nice. (As long as I don’t get lost in the meantime ;)).

I still feel frazzled and behind, but much less so than I did when Nightshifted came out. (And then I wonder if that’s a good thing or a bad thing — I swear, if it were possible to worry something up a hill, I would manage it.). But really, all in all, things are good — and I have three more writing days near a fireplace :D.