November 27th, 2012

crossed heart

Moonshifted in the Wild Contest

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(Plus, Nightshifted is still on sale on ereaders, although I’m not sure for how long!!!)

First off –

Clear Eyes Full Shelves reviews Moonshifted :D

The Book Tart reviews Moonshifted and interviews Cassie about her time with the Red Cross — with a giveaway! :D

….there’s still a giveaway running at Under the Covers!

And there’ll be more chances to win a signed Moonshifted copy at other sites this week.

But I thought I should run a contest for the people who’ll have gone out and bought copies instead of waiting to win one! If you take a picture of Moonshifted in the wild at a bookstore, or at someplace in your house, or on your ereader, share it with me! Send it to me in the comments here, over on twitter as @cassieY4 , or email it to me at — one photo will get you an entry to win a signed copy of Nightshifted and Moonshifted in German:

PLUS a cool thematically appropriate for Moonshifted bullet necklace:


So let me know if you’ve got a copy, let me know! I’ll pick a winner a week from now, on 12/4 midnight PST at random! :D

Plus — if you scroll down, you’ll see where you can sign up for my mailing list (that I thus far haven’t used!) — next book release, one lucky person on my mailing list is going to get a copy of Shapeshifted’s ARC early. So please sign up, and you might be reading Shapeshifted months before anyone else! :D