November 26th, 2012

crossed heart

Ten Nursing Myths — and Two days to Moonshifted! :D

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. (Just be so glad that I’m not in your house. Or that you’re not my supportive yet exasperated husband, who I quote, “Are we going to have to do this every time you release a book?” Me: “YES.”)

I did a ten nursing myths article for the Under the Covers book blog. I was pretty hard up for ideas the other night at work on break…until I realized that I should just talk about work, ha ;).

And they also reviewed Moonshifted!

I slept in late, and then took some time out tonight to go see Breaking Dawn with my BF. I have to say, that was the best movie of the series by way far. I won’t talk about the ending thing, but it was epic enough to have made up for the whole rest of the series, even if *twisthere*. As anyone who reads my books will know, I love me some bombastic violent overkill :D. I’m gonna get to bed early tonight and reboot my schedule to see daylight tomorrow. Here we go! :D


crossed heart

two hours till Moonshifted!

Originally published at Cassie Alexander. You can comment here or there.

It is such a good thing I have prescription sleep aides for tonight! I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!

I should write a really hoo-rah post, or a super witty post, or go back in time and have written this when I was entirely sane, whenever that was last — but it’s too late, so this’ll have to suffice.

Thank you to everyone who hung out with me online while I was writing this book, Blake, Rachel, Barry, San — it helps so much, and makes the writing feel much less alone. Thanks to everyone who put up with me in person, socially and at work, and thanks to people who didn’t even know I was writing at the time because I was just sort of staring off into space nearby, but who still politely tried to keep including me in their conversations at dinner parties. I know I can be a bully and a bear sometimes (my husband gets the brunt of this, and reminds me not to trample small towns often) but those of you who know me, know my heart is in the right place, I swear it.

Moonshifted would have been impossible for me to write without the love and support of Paul, the patient yet stern help of Daniel, my editor Rose, and my agent Michelle, and my endlessly tolerant and extraordinarily cool friends and coworkers who put up with me on a daily basis and love me in spite of myself.

For those of you just coming to the series — I hope you love Moonshifted as much as I did. For those of you who’ve read Nightshifted — I don’t think I’ve let you down. I know I’ve tried my best not to.

See some of you at the Inklings Bookstore in Capitola from 4 – 8 to celebrate Moonshifted’s release with me in person — and I hope to hear from the rest of you online.

Much love, and sleeping now, until I wake up and beam around the whole internet tomorrow :D,