November 23rd, 2012

crossed heart

jet lagged and a bit blue

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So putting on pajamas after I got up today was not a great move. It makes it feel like I’m staying home tonight and not going into work, again. Don’t get me wrong, I really like holiday pay, but zomg I am broken. After my stint out east and then coming home and my husband being ill, and then working the past two nights and having two more shifts to go…yeah. I really wish I could just curl up into a ball and sleep for a million years, but no.

This is my one post where I’m gonna let myself whine just a little, before I launch into a flurry of optimism and pep for Moonshifted’s release. (It’s 8 PM on a holiday weekend in PST, I feel pretty safe about no one seeing/hearing me ;))

I’m exhausted and this month has kicked my ass. I feel way behind in doing Moonshifted promo (whether that’s true or not is another story, seeing as my subjective brain and objective reality are on two different tracks sometimes) and dear God I finally have contracts and their concomitant deadlines in hand for Deadshifted, which I knew was coming, but felt strangely distant until Just Now. It’s coming along OK, but there’s a ton of work to do on it before Jan 15th, argh. And, you know, the normal holiday stuff, only I have no free time. At all. For six weeks. My work schedule’s dreadful for all of Dec and I don’t know when or if I’m gonna be able to wedge a visit with my parents in. Plus I have an endoscopy coming up for my unrelenting stomach acid problems (wonder why?) and an MRI for my gimpy shoulder (which I pushed back so I could do the Red Cross thing, but still need.)

I’m always surprised when it turns up that I’m mortal and not some sort of working-writing machine, and tonight’s no exception to that rule. I’ll be fine tomorrow, and even more fine two nights from now, when I have some time off from work to orchestrate Moonshifted madness, I just needed to panic a little bit here about everything first.Oy, grrr, and argh? And zomg? Heh.

I’m gonna go nap now. Maybe if I get another two hours of sleep in before my shift, everything’ll be better.