November 21st, 2012

crossed heart

Moonshifted Review Round up

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So while I was gone with the Red Cross, I got a couple really awesome Moonshifted reviews that I’d like to share!

Angieville reviews Moonshifted :D

Fang-tastic Fiction reviews Moonshifted :D

Moonshifted is a Library Journal Mass Market Paperback Book of Note

Moonshifted is a “book you can’t afford to miss” in November over on io9.

Between Dreams and Reality reviews Moonshifted in English and in French

And Heroes and Heartbreakers has a sneak peek of the first three chapters up! (Unfortunately, registration is required.)

I wish I’d been able to space these out more, but with me being gone, and then me going in tonight to work for four shifts back home, time is in shoooort supply. I’m getting really excited about Moonshifted hitting the shelves next week though — I hope everyone enjoys it!