November 16th, 2012

crossed heart

Red Cross Day 7 (ish) — photo post 1

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You may have noticed I dropped off the map there for a bit — I was completely exhausted. Between the hours, the number of shifts in a row, and everything, all I could do was eat, sleep, shower, work, repeat.

But I had last night off and did dinner with a friend and I slept in and I have time for a good nap today before working again tonight — I thought I’d update here with some photos finally.

I got up crazy early this morning and drove around to see the beach. Here’s some of the things I saw:

The Atlantic at dawn.

Storefronts boarded up — I coasted up the 36 (I think) and saw all the houses and businesses and boats that were thrashed. The curbs are piled with trash that hasn’t been taken out yet, almost as high as the (presumably) new sand dunes created on the other side.


The whole front of this house just fell down. Other houses have ripped sides, shingles and insulation flapping.