November 11th, 2012

crossed heart

Red Cross night shift 2

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Check out my imaginative titles, heh. Still on phone net, plz forgive typos.

Chose totake a shower yesterday morning over break fast, it was a good call. The showers are in huge tents, so I had one ofthose communal shower chats you sometimes get @ the gym. “Hi, I’m not a serial killer….how’s your day going?” She was one ofthe many ppl displaced without power, taking shelter till I comes back on, getting ready togo to work.

I slept some, got up, thought wewere changing shelters, got up, went to the new shelter (the Monmouth park race bldg across the street) only to find out staff wasn’t moving, heh. So I gave up and slept in my car until dinner time, then came to work.

There was a huge rush of ppl when we first got here, so many ppl have colds. And it’s still hard to get meds in. Transportation is a bitch, and we’re not getting super responsive local support. There are cops and ems here tonight, which is nice, buuuut they won’t let us lower the lights because they want to see what’s going on, which sucks, although by now, 5 am, most have managed to sleep regardless.

There’ss just so many sad stories. Some ppls stories started sad, of course, but all this has just made it all worse. As always, those most effected by disaster are those least equipped to deal with it.

A nurse friend here said, “just think of all the glamourous stories you’ll have to share at dinner parties!” As an ironic tease…which is itself ironic because I already have one job that no one wants to hear about at dinner, and I think this’ll make it two.

This morning I’ll eat breakfast. We’ll prolly have even more clients tomorrow night– I’ll need it.