November 10th, 2012

crossed heart

Red Cross night shift 1

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Hey! Ppl are asleep — I’m typing this on my phone so plz ignore spelling errors, thx!

Tonight’s been good. Really good. Stressful (more so for the displaced clients, obvs) but good. These ppl have a ton of basic needs and their lives have been turned upside down. Many have no ppwork from MDS and had to leave without their prescription s and pills and we’re just trying to keep them in one safe piece while we sort thru mounds of paperchasing to get them set up again. Of course health care is only one small part of things, they need belongings and permanent housing too. I feel like we’re doing a lot of good here. Some of the clients wish things were moving faster but the hurricane radius was huge…it’s just gonna take time.

We’rer moving everyone to another nearby shelter tomorrow, which will be rough on ppl. Not sure when or where I’ll get to sleep, considering. I would also like to shower, in theory ;). We’ll see how it all goes.

The powers been out for an hr now, but they’re working on the gennes now. More soon. Yeeehaw! ;)