November 6th, 2012

crossed heart

the Red Cross is sending me to New Jersey

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That sound you hear is quite possibly me hyperventilating.

Okay, less so now, because I’ve had a chance to go to the informational meeting, and there’s five people from my chapter going with me. Not that I know any of them, but there’s strength in numbers, and we’ll all be on the same plane :D

We’re going out to North Brunswick, NJ for processing, and then maybe out to other shelters from there. A lot of stuff is up in the air…like if I’ll have electricity? Do I take a sleeping bag so I don’t want to die at night? Or will I luck out and be at a place that has a hotel? No clue, alas. I don’t mind chaos or hardship, honest, I just want a heads up so I can pack for it.

I’m trying to figure out if I can get everything I need into a carry-on too. That’d be preferable, since we have two stops, and who wants a big bag on the way there — plus I’ll be coming home the day before Thanksgiving, a notoriously suck travel day, so it’d be nice if I could streamline things for just in case. Then again, it’s fourteen days, possibly without a washer or, you know, towels. Which makes it hard. I’ll probably pack, pack, and repack everything tonight to figure out the best way to go.

I feel better knowing that there’s other people going with me. I still feel scared overall about possibly screwing up somehow, my general low-level 3 kinda fear. I miss my husband and my cat already.

But it’s still the right thing to do — so here we go!

I’ll update here as I can, but no promises about that really. I’ll try to tweet some @CassieY4 though, assuming I have phone service :D

crossed heart

election night and it’s feelin’ right

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You know how authors aren’t supposed to have opinions and should just “shut up and write”?

Well, screw that tonight.

I stayed off the internet for the first half of the election reporting because I knew it’d drive me batty…but now that things are over, I am so so so so so so so glad Obama won, and that I got to watch one of the most epic and rousing speeches ever given. I’m totally crying over here because I feel like he means it. And now he’s got another four years.

No, not everything about Obama’s presidential term has been perfect. But he got more right than wrong, and I think another four years will give him time to get even more right. As a woman, I had no idea what I’d do if Romney won and all my rights began to erode away. I feel like our nation has been steered away from an iceberg of intolerance, anti-science sentiment, misogyny, corporate pandering, and general denial. I am so happy right now, and so incredibly relieved.

I was pretty excited about this whole Red Cross thing tomorrow because I wanted to help, you know? But I am even more fantastically stoked now. I feel like a lot of the time I’m the only one rowing the boat, like I’m the only one who cares. (Which I know isn’t always true, but sometimes it’s hard to see.) Now I feel like I’m rowing with a nation full of people who have the same priorities I do — health care, education, and inclusivity — and I honestly can’t wait to go do my part. I love all y’all. We can make things better. Let’s all keep rowing :D.