November 2nd, 2012

crossed heart

Red Cross class one

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The class tonight was full! An interesting mix of people, which made total sense given where I live — a pretty evenly divided group of college aged kids, retirees, and hippies. There were also a few other medical personnel :D. Everyone was very enthusiastic to be there and the instructors were personable and great.

It was mostly an overview about how the Red Cross works and how it’s organized and what people involved with the Red Cross do. Usually they do an orientation class and a disaster relief worker sign up class separately I think, but right now they’re trying to get as many people through the system as quickly as they can. Some of the people who were there had signed up last week and were already notified about being deployed! I came home and immediately wrote my bosses a nice, “hey, this might be really happening, thanks!” note. I’m still 95% sure they’ll be on board. My work specialty is really all about public service, and they’re good people, they get it.

I’ve still got some classes to go, and some extra classes to take online to work as a medical professional under their umbrella, but I’m happy to do so. I asked if I would be working at a hospital, and they said no, but they need medical people at the shelters to do assessments and I would definitely be working doing something health care related. Which I’m fine with, and is actually less stressful in a good way. (I would have been fine with normal shelter worker too, ’cause in for a penny, in for a pound, but I’d much rather wear my nurse hat. It’s jaunty!)

It sounds like people at shelters work 12 on 12 off, and sometimes they have hotel rooms, but other times they don’t, and they’re staying at the shelter too. You work for seven days and then you get one day off, and you go out for two weeks at a time. They can’t tell us ahead of time where we’re going either — about the only thing they’re sure of is that it’ll be cold ;).

I’m still stoked. The mandatory shelter worker class is this weekend. I’ll letcha’ll know how it goes :D.