October 31st, 2012

crossed heart

so far so good –

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The math plan for finishing Deadshifted this month is working, 5200 words in the last four days, two of them at work ;). It’s been hard to focus, but sheer will is getting me there. I’m not to the panic stage yet, which is good and bad. If I were panicked, I’d be writing a hell of a lot faster…but I generally prefer not to be panicked and be responsible, and not be a bear to live with, so the plan’s the way to go ;). I hope to be able to send another chunk to Daniel by the end of this week :D.

While this graph doesn’t entirely capture my creative process, it’s near enough for horseshoes — Toothpaste for Dinner, the creative process. (Hat tip to Diana Rowland’s facebook! :D)