October 16th, 2012

crossed heart


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We’re to that point where I need to crack the ice on my blog, or there will be Too Much and I’ll avoid it again.

I’m in possession of 40k of Deadshifted that I now like. All the way like. (Remember how I said I liked 35k awhile ago? Yeah, that was a lie. I had to go back and fix that. But I reallllllly like 40k of it now.) Trying really hard this week to get up to 50k so I can reshow it all to Daniel. I think I know the emotional undercurrents for everything, I honestly do, which is nice — it makes it easier to keep coming back to the page, for sure.

There’s just this one scene that I hope I get some amazing ideas on how to fix overnight :P. There’s six people in a room in it, and while I can do that, I don’t want to, really. But I need some of them for red shirts, and I need to have the keeper-characters there to react, and ARGH this stuff is easier to do in the TV-set of my mind where people are wearing clothing and are easy to tell apart and don’t all need names and reasons and backstories. *squints eyes thoughtfully* Maybe I’ll just kill off the extra ones really fast :P

Ah well, I’ll deal with it tomorrow!