October 10th, 2012

crossed heart

blinders on — on being busy, Goodreads giveaway, SF LitQuake appearances, and panic ;)

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Helloeveryonei’mwritingyoufromtoobusytown. It’s very busy here.

Finished another grueling stretch at work, so much so that last night I went down for a nap at 7 PM…and didn’t get up again till 4 AM. Which is a nice stretch of sleep, yes, but also doesn’t actually map well to any time I ought to be asleep in reality, especially since I have two more night shifts this week. Ah well.

Being up now, lemme give you a quick recap, since I’m likely to face off the face of the planet for awhile here coming up. (Don’t know if you remember my “protecting my time” post from last year, but yeah, now that I’m on deadline again, that’s where things are headed.)

First off:

One of my precious precious Moonshifted ARCS is available on Goodreads for a giveaway, along with other cool prizes. If you want to see how everything turns out for Edie before anyone else on the planet — this giveaway is for you! ;)


I’m doing LitQuake Litcrawl in SF this upcoming weekend with a bunch of other cool folks! I have no idea how this works, other than I’ve been promised ten minutes to read and then drinking. I’m in! ;)

I’ll be reading at Borderland Books on Sat, at 7:15. Others reading that night include: S. G. Browne, Seth Harwood, Seanan McGuire. (If you don’t come to see me, come see them! ;))


This is that thrilling point of time where due to deadlines I break myself of all internet checking habits, only read my emails twice a day, and only check twitter at the gym and at work. I will doubtless miss a billion cool things because of this. I’m really sorry about that. It’s gotta be just me and Pandora for a bit though until I get all the way caught up. I’ll try to post some progress updates along the way, though :D.