October 2nd, 2012

crossed heart

if it seems I have fallen into a well

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It is because I have.

I am so behind on things again. Argh!

Work has been a steamroller. Every day I get up and I feel completely drained. I’ve lost five pounds this past week, and it’s not actually due to eating less — it’s due to continually being in this one patient’s sauna-like room, where we’re trying to give them a temperature via baking them to life like a gingerbread man. (I kid, but not by much.) We’ve been super understaffed too, and everyone’s been trying to step up, but it’s just been exhausting. They called me tonight to come in — I know they’re gonna call every night I’m off this week — but I’m already signed up for two extra shifts next week, I really do need these few nights off now.

This last stretch at work has really shown me that I am so lucky to be part-time because there’s no way I could do full time and write. That said, because of working hard these past two weeks, I am so super behind on everything it is not even funny. I haven’t had a chance to do any email catch-up at work (which usually I do, at least on my break) and I haven’t had a chance to write in a week (argh!) and I need to start the Moonshifted promotional train ride rolling — prizes for Goodreads giveaways come in tomorrow, I hope! — and my brother is making a surprise international move like ho-shit-two weeks from now so I need to go see him ASAP (we knew it was coming, but not so soon) and I also had to take my cat to the vet today where she had to be sedated for blood work and x-rays because she’s Desmo, Demoncat and Slayer of Vet-techs and zomg fall over now.

(The supreme irony of working extra shifts is between car stuff and cat stuff I’ve already spent all my extra monies. Yay? But also booooooo.)

So let me sum up a few things worth summing, and then get to bed and reboot tomorrow, ’cause ain’t nothing else useful happening tonight ;)

1) Ironskin is out! Tina Connolly is an amazing short fiction author — this is her debut novel, I can’t wait to read it :D

2) I’m'n’a be at the Pruneyard Barnes and Noble (1875 S. Bascom Ave., Ste. 240, Campbell, CA 95008) tomorrow night with a bunch of other authors: Marina Adair, Elisabeth Barrett, Virna DePaul, Hannah Jayne & Joan Swan — starting at 6:30. I’m not entirely sure how everything will go down, but it should be fun :D.

3) Moonshifted got an effing sweet (because I’m classy) review from Publishers Weekly! (Classy enough to remember not to put in an apostrophe! Yeah! *fistpump*)

Okay. I’m so tired I’m punchy. Back tomorrow, hopefully more sane!