September 18th, 2012

crossed heart

just talkin’ outloud

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My husband and I have a running gag, where we have the Paul and Cassie show. There’s a silly theme song, and then at the end we shuffle and smile and say, “It’s just us!” in a sort of late 1980′s SNL skit where things are intentionally lame. (For the record, my husband and my BFF’s husband, our housemate, have their own imaginary TV show called the “Shenanighosts”, where after some horrible accident where they both die, my BFF and I continue to live together afterwards, and our dead menfolk haunt us and burn toast and pull ‘hilarious’ pranks on us. Possible episodes and guest stars are frequent conversation topics at household breakfasts.)

Annnnyhow — yesterday was irrationally long, I worked and then dropped off my car at the shop after several thrilling lights came on during my commute home, and I waited up till 1 PM to get the verdict and approve them getting a new part, then I slept some, and now I’m up and still exhausted and gonna re-go to bed here soon….

But I refuse to have a day “off” without doing at least something useful. So here’s just me, just talkin’ outloud.

I need to gear up again for Moonshifted promo. I need to start doing some goodreads giveaways — I really enjoyed the ones I had for Nightshifted, so I’d like to get those started and have them be cool and fun.

In addition to the books, I gave away jewelry as well, all from Lost Apostle, which went over super well. I did hearts, and syringes, and pills, and I thought they were cool — I also liked that they felt cohesive with Nightshifted.

So now I’m shopping, I’m trying to figure out what to give away for Moonshifted. I only have three paper ARCs to give away. Clearly, I can toss in a copy of Nightshifted as a bonus. But I want to do something a little more neato then that, if I can. But all the wolf-stuff I keep running into on etsy is all skulls and claws, and just super masculine.

Here’s a random assortment of things (some good, and some very, very bad) that wolves and werewolves bring up on etsy. Opinions and ideas welcome!

This locket actually looks kind of awesome. But then you open it up and Jacob’s inside! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Oddly, I really like this, it’s charming — only it’s dollhoused sized: Portrait of antonietta-gonzalez — who suffered from hypertrichosis, which back in the day seemed like werewolvism.

Then, there’s this. Which in addition to being $$$, you would need a firm commitment to a punk rock lifestyle to pull off: neon purple wolf jacket.

This vintage Red Riding Hood charm is super cute, but not completely appropriate. Also love, yet also wrong, but maybe I still need it for myself — little red riding hood necklace.

I’m secretly jealous of people that can rock this, but as promo? No. No no no.

This werewolf-woodcut illustrated purse gets crazy points for authentcity, but I fear it’s too gory to use as a prize.

candy corn werewolf. Which, if my book were coming out in October instead of November, I would be buying in bulk.

Yes? Maybe? Okay, I love it, but no, not really: “wolf” purse (that really looks like a spider to me.)

For the nerdy werewolf in your life.

There’s this howling wolf necklace…so there’s hope? And these scarves are awesome.

Or maybe I should just go with the Moonshifted = moon thing, and buy a couple moonstone necklaces and call it a day.

Bedtime now. Tomorrow maybe after I get my car back, I’ll get to see some sun :D.