September 4th, 2012

crossed heart

yay breathing! and the sending off of stuff!

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I’ve been sick for the past few days, after having caught my housemate’s cold. Which means I haven’t gotten a ton of work done. Since I suck at waiting, and am generally the most impatient person I know, this has been irritating. I feel like when I’m at home all day I should be doing…something. Cleaning, exercising, booking. Not just laying in bed watching documentaries. But that’s been the speed of things, what can you do?

I do feel much better today though, and should be A-OK to go into work tomorrow night. (My litmus test for spending my sick/PTO time is “would I really want me as a nurse if I were a patient?” If the answer is no, I won’t go in. We won’t mention that one time I went in with strep and wore a mask the entire time, no.) I’ve been sick a lot this year though, which is lame. I think it’s the nightshift work thing getting my immune system down? And the fact that I live in a house with other people, and not just my autoclaved cat. (I kid. I do not autoclave my cat nor do I promote cat autoclavery.)

I held off on my last dose of theraflu tonight though and got some stuffy-sinused writing on Deadshifted done, since I have to stay up to work tomorrow. I reached my goal of a large enough chunk to send over to Daniel. Some of it is good stuff, but not all of it — but Daniel’s awesome at seeing where I’m going with things and herding me back on track, even if it’s not all on the page right now. (He’s also good at saying, “Hello, why isn’t this on the page, it should be there already,” when he has to, and sometimes, “I’ve told you twice already. Where is it? PUT IT THERE.” when I’m sort of but-why-can’t-readers-can-read-my-miiiiiinnnnnnddddd sulky. I try not to make him yell though.)

It’s also funny because in this last ten k of book I’ve gone from “do I have enough book to make this book feel booky?” to “oh god, there is too much book it’s overflowing all over the place gahhhhh”…which I think means it’ll wind up being just right ;).

More later on in the week — and don’t forget I’ll be doing Writers with Drinks this upcoming Saturday if you’re a Bay Area person :D