August 31st, 2012

crossed heart

t-1 to Shapeshifted’s cover

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I’m mentioning it here not to be a tease, but because I’ll be asleep ;) — I hear tell that Shapeshifted’s cover will be revealed on Heroes and Heartbreakers sometime tomorrow :D.

I’ve made huge strides in Deadshifted the past two days, hooray! I’m almost ready to send Daniel a new chunk. I know what happens for a long stretch now — which is good, because I’ll be heading back to work-work tomorrow night. Or rather, I’d better be. *squinty-eyes* My housemate’s been ill for three days and now my throat feels scratchy — but I don’t have any sick time to spend so I really have to tough it out unless I’m dying. (Don’t worry about my patients — I never touch anyone without gloves, ever, and most of the time I have to wear a mask regardless, hey.)

While I should push it and stay up a bit longer tonight for schedule flipping…I probably ought to go to bed early now for my health and just re-Ambien out tomorrow afternoon, even though I hate-hate-hate doing that.

G’night for now, and more soon, I hope! :D

(PS: still behind on emails. But slightly more caught up than I was. Am sincerely working on it.)