August 23rd, 2012

crossed heart


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I’m trying to pull together some concentration tonight, but it keeps falling through my hands like sand.

Last night at work was loooooong. Good, but long. And for three hours it was tense long. Everything turned out just fine, but I had to have full bore laser-tight concentration for a huge stretch of time. And I didn’t get a break or a drink or any food the whole night…so when I came home I was wiped. And, as it turns out, I’m still wiped now.

I transcribed my latest set of notes though. Deadshifted is still moving, slowly but surely, in the right direction. I’m still happy and pleased.

I just feel so exhausted and flat now, I’m gonna call it a night and go to bed at a decent hour and work a ton tomorrow. I don’t think I have any adrenaline — or any-anything — left to spend now, I’m completely wrung out. But in a good way. I did a good job last night at work, and sometimes being good at one job at a time is enough, ha ;).

More tomorrow! :D