August 18th, 2012

crossed heart

a good pause and layering

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So Deadshifted is the most thriller-y novel I’ve written so far, so there’s a lot of logistics to get right if I want things to make sense. I took two days off to really think about things and started up again this morning. It’s not graceful, but it is going in the right direction still. :D

I realized how I ordered things earlier on yesterday:

1st draft — write what I know needs to happen — but usually for the wrong reasons. I need characters to do A and B, and get to point D, and acquire/ditch/realize people/objects G-I .They do so like automatons.

2nd draft — figure out why things really happened and adjust. The exact same things happen as in the first draft, only the intros and outros and characterization totally changes. Things that felt random make sense now, because people get motivations.

3rd draft — general awesomeness, word prettifying, and scene blocking occur ;).

The hard part is that given how many times I’ve seen a piece of my book, some of it’s on the 3rd draft, other is definitely still the 1st, which frankly requires a lot of emotional hopping around. The 3rd draft parts, I’m thrilled with, they’re glorious and working — but then sometimes it’s hard to downshift gears and just get the linear “and then we went into the room at the end of the hall,” 1st draft BS which doesn’t feel as satisfying, but yet without which no other drafts would be possible, because I need that framework there to get to the good stuff, even if I largely delete it later on.