August 8th, 2012

crossed heart

Deadshifted, 25k — and Space Truckers!

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I hit 25k of material I like in Deadshifted tonight, woohoo!

And I read The Fault in Our Stars last night at work. My god, what a beautiful beautiful book. It sort of the best example of what a book can really be. Loved it.

Annnnd, tomorrow I’m going to a book swap. I went through and cleaned out a ton of our shelves. With the conventions I attend, and the fact that my husband comes with me sometimes, I get a ton of free books and duplicates. I’m doing this Prometheus thing where I put popular books on the top of bags of books that are more random, to lure people in. Neil Gaiman will bring them closer, and then somehow I’ll foist this on them:


In case you can’t read that text, it says, “Space Truckers! Highballing the skyway between the stars!”

Annnnnd, actuuuuallly…reading the Amazon reviews, makes me kinda want to read it too. I’ll probably save it tomorrow night. Bah, this is how overcrowded shelves happen people, optimism coupled with the dream of infinite freetime.

I’m hoping to hit 30k on Deadshifted tomorrow night. It might be tough, because I’m running out of stuff to edit in — but I suspect it’ll feel good to be flat out writing again. It almost always does ;).