August 6th, 2012

crossed heart

Deadshifted, 20k

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I’m up to 20k of material in Deadshifted that I like now. (For those of you playing the homegame, that’s out of 50k written total, and 5-7 k pulled out as deleted scenes already.) I feel really happy with the quality of work so far overall, this draft. It all feels right. I’m hoping I can push very hard over the course of the next three nights and bump out to 30k, because then I can send it to Daniel again — I’m looking forward to seeing what he has to say.

I haven’t managed to watch one whit of the Olympics this year. Usually I try, or it’s on some at work, but I’m totally missing my window. However, I did get to watch the newest Mars Rover Curiosity land tonight during a writing break…which is sort of like the Olympics in Engineering and International Space Trials ;). It was glorious.

And that’s that for now. I think I’m going to watch Top Shot (my current reality show go to of choice) until I finally finish my post-RWA laundry and unpacking. (Ugh, if I’ve typed it, I have to do it, right? Right.)