August 4th, 2012

crossed heart

Deadshifted, redux

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Up to 11k in it. I went back to the beginning, again. I like what I’ve got now though. I feel very much like I’m on the right track — and that the track will continue to grow. And it’s nice, because depending on how I count, that’s an 8th to a 10th of a book ;).

Went to my therapist this past Weds and had a good long talk. Have another visit scheduled. I’m so glad she’s been my therapist since back in the agent-hunting days. “You do realize you’re happier when you’re working, right?” “YES, YES, DEAR GOD YES.” Heh.

I was interviewed on Writer Wednesday and I had a moment where I went a little crazy on twitter and on pinterest, and came up with these Cherry Ames  covers with subtitles. Hopefully they’ll amuse y’all as much as they did me.

So here, present and accounted for, and hopefully more progress to report tomorrow night.