July 31st, 2012

crossed heart

back into the fray –

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So I ran around all day catching up on all the errands that hadn’t happened while I was at my folks, with my housemate in the hospital (long story, other time), or at RWA.

But in the evening I finally got to sit down and open up Deadshifted again. I used my long driving trip to LA and back as a chance to work out a bunch of story themes and characterization on my tape recorder, and so I started off by transcribing them. And knowing what I know now about the piece, plus the enthusiasm that comes from hanging out with writers for a few days, double-plus my editor saying nice things, really got my engines going again.

Triple Word Score plus Yahtzee — I figured out The Most Amazing Set Piece Ever for the Ending. Ever. No matter how hard it is to get there (please not very, writing-gods, thanks!), every time I open up this document my End Goal is the first sentence I see now. I cannot wait to get to write this scene it’s going to be so mindblowing. Having something like that to aspire to reallllly helps.

So today I dove back into the beginning, and tweaked the hell out of things, knowing what I know now about where the book is going and how I want it to interact with the other books in the series. I made a lot of small changes and wound up with a very quality first chapter. I know it’s not much, considering how short my chapters are, but it pleases me, and I’m getting going again, which is nice. I think I’m not going to worry about word count for a little bit, at least until I get up thru where I’ve already written, and just concentrate on making everything I’ve already got amazing for awhile.

I’m at work for a few nights, so I’ll stay up for another half hour or so, but probably not much more than that. I’m off of caffeine now, so I can count on that tomorrow night for a kick, heh. I do have a (possibly foolish) goal of going running tomorrow (Weds) morning when I get home from work. We shall see if that really happens. It’s written in caps in my calendar, for whatever that’s worth ;P ;).