July 30th, 2012

crossed heart

Nightshifted…in Czech!

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Holy cow y’all! :D

Nightshifted, Moonshifted, and Shapeshifted will all be translated and released in Czech! The rights were just bought by Fantom Print.

A short tour of other awesome authors who have covers on their website? Kat Richardson! Kim Harrison! Jeaniene Frost!

Boom. That’s like on the first page. What great company!

It looks like they use some of the original cover art too, but I’m not completely familiar enough with everyone’s cover iterations to be sure…I wonder how that’ll go? I’m still very curious to see what cover art I will have in France! :D I sort of hope they do their own thing, not because I don’t love my US cover, but because I kind of want to collect them all from other countries. (In covers, as in Pokemon.)

I also wonder if Czech is a longer language, like German? I was super suprised when I got my German copies in and they were almost trade-paperbacks times dictionary sized, since Nightshifted’s only 90k. (That sort of density looks awfully good on my desk though, hoho.)

My tour of the Risk board continues! Which country will be next? :D