July 27th, 2012

crossed heart

RWA 2012 day 2 and a half!

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Yesterday at RWA rocked too! :D

I got up and went to workshops which were awesome (a lot about digital media and marketing) and then went to the keynote luncheon, where I bumped into Angie Fox and Maggie Mae Gallagher (who I’d met before in New York and New Orleans, respectively ;)) and then came back to my room to find Rachel Swirksy and Mike had just landed. So I hung out with them, and then got ready for dinner while Rachel read a story outloud for proofing purposes (but was double awesome because then I could think about that and not get pre-dinner nervous). Then I went downstairs and met up with my editor and we went out to dinner and had a lovely time! :D

After that, Rachel and Mike had finished up dinner too…so we all went over to Disneyland!!!! *cue Kermit-flail*

I took a ton of pictures at the park and tried to tweet them with captions like YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TIKI ROOM! but my silly one bar of service wouldn’t let me get them online, and my phone in the hotel room isn’t much better. But trust me, much fun was had. Rachel and Mike let me haul them all over the park on a highlight reel of rides, and narrate it with all the weird stuff I’ve learned over the years, and I got to throw a Nightshifted pin into Snow White’s wishing well. :D

Then today was more workshops, and they’re off at the parks, and I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to wear tonight to the cocktail party my publisher is having soon, and contemplating wedging a nap in (but trying to figure out when to shower so that the blindfold I wear, as half-nightshiftnurse, half-parrot) won’t dent my hair ;).

More later, maybe even tonight, woo! :D