July 25th, 2012

crossed heart

RWA 2012 Day 1

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Making myself do this tonight, ’cause if I put it off, I’ll flake ;).

So yesterday I drove down to Bakersfield, largely so that I could play with Rachel’s kittens (which I asked her to keep in boxes for me so that they would stay small for a month until I got to see them) and then I finished driving into LA today.

I made freaking awesome time…but I overpacked, and asked the bell desk to bring up my bags. I was so stoked to be ahead of schedule — and I realized I’d stayed at this hotel before, for Worldcon, back in the day. But then I waited and waited, and it took over an hour for them to bring my bags up. I guess the fact that my husband and I have different last names, and that my name’s on the room, but his was on the luggage tags, made them pause, and also give me a minor heart attack when it sounded like they’d lost them, the second time I called to ask what was up. They were super apologetic — I was just glad they had them! ;) I had to rush into an outfit, and then out to the convention center for the literacy signing.

The literacy signing was fun! I sat by Karen Rose and Hannah Jayne, who were both awesome. Hannah lives near me in real life, which is exciting :D.

And…people came by. Some of them came by to buy my book. And some of them came by to say they’d read it and enjoyed it.

It was pretty crazy. I just sort of sat there beaming the whole time. Between the awesome company of the ladies at my table, and people coming by with shopping lists — that my book was on! — and booksellers saying nice things, it was all sorts of rad. Super super rad.

And during the signing, a friend of mine from the SF/F world, Kelly Green, came by, and introduced me to Shauna Roberts, who is a local author friend of hers who is active in RWA. So after the signing we went over to the other hotel bar and met some other RWA people and had dinner, and really, the whole thing was a super good time, and a nice way to ease into a convention where I don’t know as many people at.

Thenity then — I came back to my room to discover that the Marriott bell desk had left a fruit and cheese plate and some bottled water for me, for my hassles earlier on today, which was really nice and unexpected of them.

I’m going to do some workshops tomorrow, so I should get to bed now. But I’m at a hotel with a Starbucks and there’s still grapes and cheese in my fridge, and I know some people, and some people have read my book. I’m going to dinner with my editor and then Disneyland tomorrow night.

Life is way way way good.