July 16th, 2012

crossed heart

not so much with the writing & Dark Paradise

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Been so busy, in real life and at work, ugh, and there’s no end in sight. Some of the upcoming stuff will be fun though, hooray :D

I’ve worked a ton this past week, and then I went to a show on my off day, and then worked some more. Luckily, I’ve earned a few days off to go up to see my folks for my mom’s birthday, I’ll be driving up there tomorrow.

I keep intending to write on break at work, but between being exhausted and not feeling right about things, I haven’t worked on Deadshifted in about a week. I got stymied with what should come up next in the book,  when what I wanted to do didn’t flow. Despite the fact that I know where everything’s going, I want it all to happen in the best possible plotting-emotional order. When I feel my gut pushing back, there’s always a tension between “am I not working on this because I’m procastinating?” or “am I not working on this because it’s the wrong rabbit trail?” I decided it was the latter and waited a bit to see if I could figure out what the problem is. I believe I’ve solved it — surprise, surprise, it involves GOING BACK TO THE BEGINNING again, sheesh — but I haven’t had a chance to implement things yet. I’ll be working on that this upcoming week off while I’m at my folks :D.

Randomly, I bought Lana Del Rey’s album when it was on sale on Amazon the other night. (Until then, I’d just been a lazy cheap person who watched her videos repeatedly on You Tube late at night when I was PMSing.) I’m glad I did — one of her songs that I hadn’t heard was Dark Paradise. There’s demo versions of Dark Paradise on youtube, but not the album version, except for here: Dark Paradise. It’s a freaking great song, with some really good lines: and there’s no remedy for memory / your face is like a melody, it won’t leave my head. I don’t know why I love it so much, except that moody teenage wanna-be-goth Cassie thinks it is amazing and has been listening to it on repeat ever since I found it.

Annnd, yeah ;). More later when I resurface in daylight a few days from now, with hopefully some progress to report :D.