July 12th, 2012

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Retronurse 3 — Contagions and Zombies

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This Louie CK clip illustrates best what it’s like when you’re admitting homeless people. (Substituting homeless people for children, of course.) I know they’re not doing it on purpose, but sheesh. Every single one of them has coughed on me. Deep, phlegmy, lunger-type coughs. Ugh. All I can say is yaaaaay for isolation gear!

Which is why I’m a little disturbed by this article, here, where Florida is accused of covering up the worst outbreak of TB in twenty years.

Please take a moment to go read that. And if you’re not already for national health care — realize why you should be now.

Has not the US of A seen enough zombie movies to realize that a contagion will never be contained to the “underclass”? I mean, really. How many Resident Evils do people need to see? Does no one in Florida understand germ theory? Has Gwyneth Paltrow’s death taught us nothing!?!?!

I’m making light of things here, but I’m actually horrified that anyone at any level thought that this was OK. To condemn people to die of a curable disease, and then to completely IGNORE the effects it might have on the community, and then to not even think about what might happen in the future? Come on people.  We’re all one grocery store isle away from being coughed on by a person with TB. I don’t care who you are, where you think you live. Gimme a break. Plus, what about the people in the community who have to deal with them? The police officers, the social workers, shelter employees, health care workers? You’re exposing them, too. With foreknowledge. That’s deeply, deeply uncool.


crossed heart

What I do when I’m not writing —

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So I got a prompt from Jenn over at Tynga. 

I think my graph of what I do when I’m not writing may amuse you. (Although if you follow me on twitter, you already knew all this ;)). There’s an international giveaway of Nightshifted in the comment section. :D

This was actually a hard article to write, and I hemmed and hawed on doing it, since really, what I do when I’m not writing is obsess about writing. (I have some sympathy now for celebrities who say that they’re “boring” in real life. Because with the exception of the times at work that I get to do Life Savey Stuff, yeah. I’m boring. I have no back up plan, no other actual hobbies. I don’t cook, my cat fends for herself, and I lived without a TV for two years. I mostly read non-fiction. Dullsville. :P)