July 9th, 2012

crossed heart

my first 90 year old fan

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So, somewhat to my chagrin, my family members have been reading Nightshifted. My great aunt…and now my grandmother.

I get that they want to be supportive, but it’s weird. My grandmother left me two messages last week telling me she was reading it, and that she was done. She sort of has an abrupt phone manner, so that was all the messages said.

I got up early today, and with great trepidation, called her back.

She really did read the whole book. And while it wasn’t her thing, she thought it was interesting. She was a nurse back in the day, and during WWII. Ironically, she was a nurse before they had penicillin, so she saw people who had syphilis without the benefit of medication. We had a talk about nursing back in the day, and she agreed that some of her patients were pretty strange. It was very sweet, and about 75% less worrisome than I anticipated ;).

In other news, it was nice to take this past weekend off to fill the well. I hung out with my husband and watched movies and binged on TED talks, played video games, listened to new albums, and goofed off, all with a distant undercurrent of OH SHIT WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES NEXT. INQUIRING MINDS NEED TO KNOW.

I’ve been out of contract for approx 4 days and already I’m insane. (She says, assuming both her editor and agent are too busy to read here.)

Nightshifted has gotten two awesome reviews recently. Clear Eyes Full Shelves and Fang-tastic Fiction both wrote very thorough and thoughtful reviews.

Annnd, I go back to work tonight. Work-work, and book-work-on-break-work. Which will both be for the best.