July 6th, 2012

crossed heart

Shapeshifted turned in! & Off the Grid

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Mailed Shapeshifted overnight to NYC yesterday, it should be already there right now. I can’t believe it’s out of my hands now. It’s a great feeling, knowing that I’ve turned three books in-in. But at the same time, wow…kind of strange, kind of sad. I do feel like a great weight’s been released — I honestly do not have any official writing things To Do right now. But I don’t know what to do with all the extra cycles it’s freed up in my brain just yet.

So, on that note ;) — I’m taking this weekend off (and mostly offline.) I’m gonna hang out with my husband and netflix and read and be queen of lazy town, until sometime Monday night. Don’t blow up the internet while I’m gone, I don’t want to have to catch up on too much when I get back ;).