June 28th, 2012

crossed heart

Nightshifted makes WIRED’s summer school list! :D

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(In which there is a lot of shouting.)

So a friend emailed me about this this morning on my way home from work (as i illegally checked my email in traffic in the car) and I nearly drove off the road.


WIRED’s Summer School List and Nightshifted’s entry.

I’m stoked that other cool people I know are on there too like E. C. Myers and Tobias Buckell and Myke Cole!

My joy at that is only surpassed by THE SUPREME COURT NOT FUCKING THINGS UP THIS AM WITH THE HEALTH CARE MANDATE. Hallelujah! I know it’s not perfect — but it’s a step in the right direction. And at the point if we don’t take steps as they come, we won’t have any progress at all.

Wow y’all. I am so so pleased. I cannot express how happy I am right now! I need to sleep some before that, ha. More later — but yay for all of us!!!