June 27th, 2012

crossed heart

things that begin with the letter p

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But not any of the pervy things you’re thinking of right now ;).

I got started on Pinterest tonight. I’ve changed computers a lot recently (alas) and while I’m good about moving writing files and having backups, I get so much more lazy about scooting photos around. It’ll be nice to have my moodboard thingies up off site. Here’s my link to me, and then a link to ideas and characters for the Nightshifted books, and even some characters I haven’t written about yet. I’m spacing out putting things up there as a reward for working (and hunting around on old hard drives) so I’ll be updating it pretty often I hope.

Annnnd, I finally got through my first week of p90x. Which I didn’t tell y’all I was doing in case it became some horrible embarrassment ;). There was plenty of embarrassment, believe me, but I made it through, so hooray! It did take me ten days to do. I blame Holly McDowell. We were roomies at Blue Heaven, and in addition to being a great writer she’s gorgeous. So I was all, “So hey….”. Sometimes she does the yoga disc when she travels. I was looking for a yoga disc to do at home, since my schedule is weird (hence me writing this at 4:30 AM) and I was going to buy one on ebay by itself, but my husband was all, “That’s dumb. Just get the whole thing,” so I did. Even though I felt exceptionally stupid doing so. I’d previously considered myself to be immune to infomercials, given the sheer hours of my life they’ve consumed at work while babysitting patients when there’s nothing else on, but I decided to take a chance. And while I’m in decent shape now (can elliptical for an hour or two, whatevs) I know I have to find ways to stay that way to be good to my back. I’d been getting super bored with weights at the gym. Pllllusss, I’ve always secretly wanted arms like Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2.

So we’ll see how that goes. I’m not able to do them every-everyday like you’re supposed to, but I’ll give it a proper go :D. I will keep you informed the minute I’m able to actually do a pull-up.

Finally, Deadshifted is at 17.5k. I’m still loving it. It’ll be on hold for bit though — I’ve got a ton of shifts coming up, and Shapeshifted copyedits are landing tomorrow :D.