June 26th, 2012

crossed heart

too close

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So I read this was on a commercial, but I don’t have TV so I don’t know about that really — all I know is that this song rocks.

Too Close by Alex Clare

I heard it on my way to work recently, and it was one of those rare sit-in-the-car-until-it-finishes moments that I don’t get as often as I would like. I dloaded his whole album tonight, I needed some new writing music, and the whole thing’s amazing. I usually listen to pretty fast paced dance stuff to keep me on task — he’s a rare combination of rock and dance, it’s freaking awesome. (I do like rock too. But I like my rock huge. Like Muse or Florence + the Machine. I need my rock to fill up an entire room and take me with it when they’re singing.) Not all of it has a super-beat, but all of it is good. And a lot of it is twisted, oppressive, and mesmerizing. How strange that I want the same thing out of my music that I often want in my fiction, heh.

I have a feeling that that song, and Guilt, by Nero, will be the soundtrack for Deadshifted. (Video NSFW.)

I got up to 15.6k tonight, and I’m at a good stopping point to pick up again tomorrow. I hope I make some gangbusters progress, I get to send it to Daniel when I hit 20k or thereabouts, and I really want to see what he has to say about some recent changes I’ve made. I think they’re fab, but I value his input a lot.

In other news — I have a new interview up at Stellar Four :D I met Megan at Nightshifted’s release party, and she can attest that I exist in real life, even sometimes during daylight hours ;).