June 21st, 2012

crossed heart


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So I love how the post after I tell you all that my husband is a lawyer, he does this to me….

I was still feeling glum today — however he, obviously, is in a better mood ;).

That’s a flannel Godzilla costume we got on Amazon for a friend’s sushi-themed bday party recently…and yeah. I was all in bed feeling sorry for myself, and he was all, “Wait a second.” And then did some typing and printing and as he was pulling the costume on he said, “You’re gonna want to get your phone for this, ’cause I’m only doing it once.”


It worked ;). I’m at 11.3k in Deadshifted. I’m mostly reworking what I’ve got, but I’ve made some awesome changes near the end. And I’m feeling excited about it again :D. It’s not all perfect, but parts of it are the best I’ve ever written so far, by far. (Please, pretty pretty preeeeetttty please may I get contracted to write this book. Plllleeeeeeasssseee.) ((I know some authors are wiser than to talk about business in public. I’m not one of them yet. This journal still feels like my diary-place, for now. If I get burned, I’m gonna need someplace to cry.))

So yeah. Technically, for the Write-a-thon I was only supposed to get to ten k this week. But it’s a good thing to get ahead with my work schedule, next week I’m on a ton.

Besides, I can’t disobey Writosaur now, can I?