June 20th, 2012

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What Should We Call Nursing

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This website is the most thrilling expose of what it’s like to be a nurse since forever. Even moreso than my books –

What Should We Call Nursing

and its sister site, also funny, What We Call Nursing

I cannot even express how funny/true both of those websites are. We were looking at them the other night at work, wow. So hilarious and awfully, painfully, true.

My husband is going through some stuff at his job that’s really depressing. He’s a lawyer who works for a non-profit and does consumer protection law, and he completely believes in what he does. He’s like a law-paladin. And he’s been lobbying really hard to shoot down this completely awful bill to deregulate telecommunications in the California congress, and basically AT&T bought off the entire committee. Everyone knows it. And there’s nothing to be done. Ironically, the bill’s sponsor claimed that there were some “high powered lobbyists” on my husband’s side. Oh, I’m sorry, you mean my man who lives in a studio with me behind my best friend’s house, lobbying in the suit that he bought last week on sale at Macy’s? He’s high powered? I’m sorry, I think your rich Pebble Beach golf tournament attending entitlement is showing, senator.


Ahem. I’m dismayed because the consumers of California will come out poorer for it, with fewer options available to them, and no recourse when — not if, but when — things go wrong. My husband and many others like him tried so hard to do what was right, and in the end all that mattered was money. It may be politics as usual for the Congress, but it’s you and me (if you live in Cali) that’ll be getting screwed. Deregulation has always gone *so well* for our state.

Between that depressingly going down, and feeling a little post-partum after Nightshifted’s release, I’ve got a small case of the blues. I knew it though, so I went out and exercised today. And I turned in a bunch of stuff to my agent, and I’ll be working on Deadshifted in earnest tomorrow. I have a few days off, and I’m relatively back to a day schedule after spending most of yesterday exhaustedly prone.

I will be back tomorrow with a word count and chirpier overall, I promise.