June 18th, 2012

crossed heart

The Hitching Up of Britches

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Last night, I’m on my way into work, I’m almost there, and I’m stopped at a huge six lane intersection. I see this man purposefully stride across three lanes, while I’m in the turn lane, and I’m wondering if he’s going to step out in front of me. I think for a second, “Hey, I recognize him…” But upon closer inspection — as he nears my car — I realize I don’t know him. I know his clothing. He’s got one of my hospital’s gown tucked into hospital draw-string pants, which are hauled up to about his nipple line. He’s also barefoot, and his hair is all wild. He’s clearly from my hospital, about a mile away from it, out on the lam.

Yeeehaw! Hahahaha.

First thing I do when I get to my floor is tell everyone to make sure their patients are present ;). Some other incoming nurse and/or outgoing nurse was in for a bad surprise ;).

So let me also hitch up my britches and tuck things in here (to be 3 shifts of nights tired and to stretch an already belabored metaphor until it breaks ;)) — first off!

Cassie Frye! You’ve won my Moonshifted ARC and the other prizes! Thanks for signing up for Clarion West’s Write-a-thon with me! :D I’ll email you for your address when i get up today and get my act together, if you don’t see this :D.

Secondly — I have to take one wee thing back about my ARC prize being the only one out in the world, because there is one more way to win a Moonshifted ARC now. Chelsea over at the Vampire Book Club is running a Books Fighting Cancer charity auction, in memory of her Dad. I’m offering signed copies of Nightshifted and a Moonshifted ARC (and I’m paired with Stacey Jay!) So if you’re dying to get your hands on one, this is realio-trulio the last chance, up until I start doing Goodreads stuff many moons (hoho!) from now. It’s for a good cause too — there’s a ton of cool books and prizes up for grabs, including some character names inside of books, so check the whole site out.

Thirdly — holy cow the Write-a-thon has begun! I gotta get my act together. I’ve got one more night shift here, and then I have five days off. While when I signed up I thought I was going to do personalized things, I’ve realized I really need to conserve my energy and focus all my writing-time on getting Deadshifted done. I’m going to say I’ll do ten k a week, but we’ll see — while numerical deadlines are good, I’m also interested in quality, especially as I’ve got 20kish already written (although 10kish of it needs rewrite love.) I’ve gone over my notes, and Tues night I’ll get back into the text in a big way. Perfect world, I’ll get 60k of Deadshifted done by July 27th. I’m gonna give it my all, and the decks seem to be clearing/ish, so it’s time to get in gear.

That’s it for now, I think. Wait! I got a review in the Library Journal. (God, I should leave all my pathetic misspellings of library there so you can see just how tired I am, ha.) Okay. That’s really it. Night all! :D