June 11th, 2012

crossed heart

Nightshifted Release Party — hooray! :D

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Oh my gosh — so much fun. And about 30% less nerve wracking than I thought it’d be! :D

There was so much traffic going up in SF that I almost went crazy in the car — but I was heading up to do lunch with friends first, so I was late for them, not my party :D. And they were awesomely cool, and then after lunch we went to Borderlands where everyone was already gathering — it was a nice group of friends of mine, relatives (because my parents wanted to see, too!), my in-laws, and some people that I didn’t know, and some people that got wrangled in as things went on.

I hadn’t been there since Borderland’s newest setup — but they way they’ve got everything now is awesome. They’ve got a coffee shop attached to the bookstore, and there’s a big space at the back of it to hold talks in, which my group completely filled up, and had people standing at the back of :D.

Instead of reading from my book, which I figured would be preaching to the choir, Borderlands being my hometown crowd n’ all, I gave a short talk about my longest shift ever as a nurse and what it’s like to be a nurse. What was hilarious (and awesome and rad!) was there was this guy listening in who I didn’t know, I assume he was there earlier just minding his own business at the coffee shop. He listened to me talk, went and bought a book, and came back and started reading it at his spot on the couch. I didn’t sign it for him or anything, he was totally engrossed after that. Whoever you were, kind sir, I salute you.

I signed a ton of copies — and they wound up selling every copy of Nightshifted in the store. Even the extra ones they usually buy for floor stock after the reading, to have as “signed copies” in the store — even the one from the window as a display! All of ‘em! Gone! :D

And I got to give Naamen Tilahun a copy of Moonshifted, one of my first ARCs. Naamen was in a writing workshop with me long ago and far away during which I sent the intro to Nightshifted (when it was just a wee short story, and I was in novel denial) through, and at Wiscon he was Nightshifted’s biggest fan :D. I couldn’t wait to get him a copy of Moonshifted. I hope he likes it too! :D

Then dinner and late night dancing with friends, and it was a gorgeous day, and everything went swimmingly. (Pictures were taken! I just haven’t gotten any of them yet — I was too spazzy to use my camera, ha!)

I feel like I can breathe now, finally. All my hard work is almost finished. There’s still a few promotional things yet to be done, but the first surge is complete. Which is good because I can’t wait to get back to writing this week — and just in time for the Clarion West Write-a-thon!