June 7th, 2012

crossed heart

On Writing Sex Scenes –

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Okay, I’m sort of pruriently thrilled that I finally got asked an interview question about sex scenes — thanks Debut Review!  They also reviewed Nightshifted.  And…I got reviewed by a Pug! (Not even kidding! Go look at its cute picture!) And last but not least, I got a debut author guest blog-interview thing at Dear Author.

I had some classtime this week and some volunteer stuff to do, but I managed to work in a lunch with Daniel where he patted my brain and deemed its recent ideas good. (Everyone ought to have a Daniel. You can’t have mine, but you should find your own. Actually, I should do a post about finding peer groups and mentors — give me a week or two to calm down.) I’ve just about got my book 5 synopsis ready to roll to send to my agent — but everything was on hold yesterday so I could remember ACLS stuff, today so I could pass ACLS stuff, and tomorrow, because I need to finish writing up the talk I’m going to be giving at Borderlands Bookstore this upcoming weekend :D.

Oh god, you know what I realize I forgot — in Moonshifted I talk about ACLS…but I forgot the C! I just call it advance life support recertification. Not cardiac. Ha! Oh well. Fellow nurses, feel free to give me shit about that for the rest of forever. What can I say, I wrote Moonshifted in between recertification years. The rest of you, pretend I never said anything ;).

Next week I think life will be getting back to normal. Honestly, I’m looking forward to it, I need more writing structure in my life and less “do all the things!” freeform panic ;).

Hopefully I’ll hop on on Sunday with some photos from Borderlands — before I go back to work that night ;).