June 3rd, 2012

crossed heart

4 Cool Things

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1) I was chatting about being embarrassed by my parents reading my sex scenes the other night on twitter. I was also getting caught up on marketing stuff — and I offered to send a copy of Nightshifted  anywhere. My friend Cory Skerry jumped on it, and in an epic and/or cruel callback, he offered to read the sex scenes while doing things with chocolate syrup if he won. So of course I sent him a book….and he sent me this picture in return…as a….threat? A…warning? Time will tell! ;)


2) My German cover for Shapeshifted is out!

It’s Diagnosis at Dusk! Germany, once again, you all thrill me :D. Not that anyone in the hospital would ever wear a watch that nice to work — you’d basically be dooming yourself to having to pick it out of someone’s intestine — but I lurrrve your covers so much! :D

3) I’m still doing my Moonshifted ARC contest for Clarion West! Details here!

We’re up to 75 participants so far — we’re 125 people away from hitting 200, and getting $2000 in sweet sponsor money. I’ve seen some people jump in, on here, and over on the live journal. There’s just 13 days left, so hurry up! :D

4) I lied. Just three cool things ;).

Going to bed early to flip my schedule for a week of daytime classes, huzzah ;). More later!