May 28th, 2012

crossed heart

Tired Cassie is Tired

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But good tired! And yet, tired.

Got up soooo early to get back home from Wiscon. I know why we do that (my husband having to work tomorrow AM, and us needing to make sure we don’t get stranded in Chicago) and yet it is soul crushing every year. We swear next year will be the year that we spend an extra night and have a reasonably timed flight out…as always.

I spent a good deal of this afternoon sleeping — and then woke up to find that my BFF had had her baby a little early :D. Going over to meet him = highlight of my day :D.

Then my other BBF had gone to Mexico for a week, so after visiting the hospital, we had a slideshow of her trip which was also very cool. (I’m seeing a writing retreat there in my future!)

And now it’s just me, and 1.8 lbs of pageproofs to do, and a sleeping schedule to flip.

This actually should be pretty painless — Nightshifted’s weren’t bad at all. I had maybe ten fixes total, all small things I wouldn’t have cried about if they’d made it into the final text. I just need to find some gumption to plow through them. I should finish them tonight if I can, because I might hear back about Shapeshifted tomorrow. Pllllussss I need to write a synopsis for future books. And vacuum. And fold laundry. And sleep in. And go to the gym. And….yeah. It’ll all get done. But I get exhausted just thinking about all of it ;).