May 27th, 2012

crossed heart

Wiscon, and more reviews and interviews and free books!

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I am having such a good time at Wiscon!

My final panel (of three) was this morning, and everything went very well, and I’m getting quality hang time with some of my favoritist people in the world :D. Plus, some people here (Na’amen, *cough*Na’amen) have even read Nightshifted already and said super positive things, and are telling other people about it completely of their own accord, which is awesome and amazing to watch. I guess books do, if you’re lucky, go on to have a life of their own? But it’s very odd — and wonderful! — to see it happening to your own book. Even in a small way. After all the solo writing I’ve done in the dark, it’s very strange to see my book out in the day ;).

I have some more people to shout out now too!

I don’t think I linked to Book Sake‘s review a few days ago, and I should! While she’s not over the moon about the vampires in Nightshifted, she feels the hospital stuff is spot on, which I’m am so happy to see. I think half of my book related anxiety is fear of other medical professionals finding holes in my stuff, or thinking that I stretched things too far, so it’s nice when other nurses (or nursing students) feel it passes muster :D.

And there are two Nightshifted giveaways running right now, if you want to try to win a copy for free –

My Bookish Ways did an interview with me and they’re giving away a copy of Nightshifted and a very cool syringe necklace for one lucky enter-er. :D

And the Nocturnal Library also interviewed me and they’re also giving away a copy of Nightshifted — this one I can ship internationally! (I’m also very fond of this interview because I answered the questions late at night, maybe a little more honestly than I should have, heh.)

I’m positive I’m missing stuff, and I already know I’m not caught up — it’s probably going to take me a good week or two to get all the links I need down and emails responded to, so sorry if I missed your review or I’m linking/responding too slowly. I still have page proofs on Moonshifted to do when I get back home, not to mention going back to work, so it’ll be a process — but I swear I’ll get there :D.